Personal Information
Protection Policy

1. Purpose

Welcome to ALIVE (“ALIVE,” “we,” “us” or “our”). This Privacy Policy provides information to the users about the ALIVE mobile application service (“Service”). Our Privacy Policy applies to the personal information data (“Personal Information”), the information collected from the website of (“Site”), and the information collected from the visitors of the Service. Our Policy applies to all visitors, users, and others who access the Service (“Users”)

2. How We Use the Information You Provided Us

We may collect the user’s personal information and other information you provide to us directly when you use the Service. Your username, password and e-mail address when you register for an ALIVE account, when you use the special functions of the Service, and personal information such as questions you voluntarily provided are included. ALIVE collects Personal Information and also provides a link to the personal information protection policy. By providing Personal Information to ALIVE you understand and agree that ALIVE will use the Personal Information based on the personal information protection policy. If you have provided Personal Information, this Personal Information will be transmitted to ALIVE’s server from your current location, and authorized third-party services will inquiry the Personal Information from this location.

3. How We Use the Collected Data

When interaction occurs with ALIVE through the Service, ALIVE receives unidentified personal information and saves it (location information, device ID, etc.). Unidentified personal information is actively collected through various technology but cannot be used to identify the user. ALIVE can save this information, and can be included to ALIVE’s affiliate that manages the database. Service can use this information to monitor how the users are using the Service. Additionally, to gain better understanding of the users of the Service and to provide better service, ALIVE can accumulate customer statistics, research about customer interests and behavior patterns based on the Personal Information and other information. ALIVE may share the unidentified information and total data to ALIVE’s affiliate, but it is not possible to identify the user with this information. ALIVE may use the total user statistics with current and future partners to explain about the Service, and may open the information to third-party service for legal reasons.

4. Sharing of Your Personal Information

ALIVE will use the Personal Information that you provided based on the personal information protection policy. If you provide the Personal Information as a special reason, ALIVE will utilize the Personal Information based on the special reason. If you contact ALIVE via e-mail, we can use the Personal Information to answer your question or to solve the problem. Also, if you provided Personal Information to access the Service, we can utilize it to observe the user pattern. We may share user content and your Personal Information with businesses that are legally part of the same group of companies that ALIVE is part of, or that become part of that group ("Affiliates"). Affiliates may use this information to help provide, understand, and improve the Service, including by providing you with better and more relevant experiences. If there is intention to use your Personal Information apart from the personal information protection policy, when collecting such Personal Information or before, you will be notified.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information

ALIVE does not sell the users information. ALIVE believes this information is a crucial part of the relationship between the user.